Best Workout in Denver

best workout in denver

Best Workout in Denver

Are you looking for the best workout in Denver?  What does that mean?  Well, our workouts offer the following;

Full body workout designed to burn a butt load of calories

Burn fat and rev your metabolism so your body continues to burn fat for days after the workout

A fun, safe, and encouraging environment

Lose weight and get lean to look fit and sexy

Tone muscle to look great


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Boot Camp Memberships


Purchase weekly, monthly and yearly memberships to the best boot camp classes in Denver. You’ll get to meet awesome new people and you will get into the best shape of your life. If you’d rather pay-per-class, head here to get class packages.


Monday 5pm-545pm & 7pm-745pm

Tuesday 7pm-745pm

Wednesday 5pm-545pm & 7pm-745pm

Thursday 7pm-745pm

Saturday 10am-1045am

Sunday 10am-1045am

At Trainer Scott Personal Training, we focus on personal connections and a positive environment and that’s why we’re one of the best reviewed gyms for personal training and fitness boot camps in Denver.  We have two main rules.  First and foremost is safety.  Two, we don’t get discouraged.  We make realistic goals and then achieve them.

If you want to get in amazing shape, gain strength, add muscle, lose fat, tone your body, improve your running, have better flexibility,  have more stamina and energy, be proud of your body, and just all around feel better, come see one of Denver’s best personal trainers, Scott Harwood.

Whether you need to lose those stubborn last few pounds or need extreme weight loss, Scott’s your man.

It doesn’t matter if you are just getting started, or you want to reach an elite level. Scott is the perfect trainer to get you into the best shape of your life. Plus, he plays good music.

Nobody should ever feel left out. Scott accepts ALL Fitness levels.  He trains teenagers, high school athletes, overweight folks, the elderly, desk jockeys, obese people the gay community, and high level sports’ competitors.  Even if you’ve never worked out!  Don’t be nervous, come on in and get in shape today.

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