Boot Camp Memberships


Boot Camp Memberships


Purchase weekly, monthly and yearly memberships to the best boot camp classes in Denver. You’ll get to meet awesome new people and you will get into the best shape of your life. If you’d rather pay-per-class, head here to get class packages.


Monday 5pm-545pm & 7pm-745pm

Tuesday 7pm-745pm

Wednesday 5pm-545pm & 7pm-745pm

Thursday 7pm-745pm

Saturday 10am-1045am

Sunday 10am-1045am

Make sure you check our schedule to see official times and dates.

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Join one of the best Fitness Boot Camp classes in Denver. It’s the perfect high-intensity, high-motivation environment to whip you into shape.

Our classes always begin with a 10-15 minute warm-up with a mixture of calisthenics, weight-lifting, and cardio work. Then we move into a mixture of movements designed to confused and activate every major muscle group in your body. We wrap it up with the “thunderdome,” a short high-intensity session which builds your strength, endurance, and stamina.

Don’t expect some cheesy 80’s style workout tape. This is a fun, team-centered class with groups of 10-20 boot campers. Motivation is key, but safety comes first. You are free to move at your own pace and push yourself as hard as you choose.

“I wanted to find a place to workout, lose weight and overall take better care of myself. My coworker told me about Scott and his bootcamp and group training classes. I went once and was hooked! Scott is encouraging and high energy, but doesn’t treat you like a drill sergeant would. He pushed me to challenge myself and after a month I’m already seeing fantastic results! I love it!” – Ashley
“If you’re looking for a personal trainer in Denver that’s cool, knowledgable, funny, and an international man of mystery, then Trainer Scott is your man. He mixes it up with personal training, full body boot camp style workouts, crossfit exercises, and more. He works with anyone, teens, kids, the elderly, obese people, you name. It specializes in sports specific training too. He’s a fitness coach that gives tennis lessons too.” – Marlene