Personal Trainer Cap Hill Denver

personal trainer in cap hill denver

Personal Trainer Cap Hill Denver

Looking for a personal trainer near you?  Do you live in the Capitol Hill area of Downtown Denver?  Well, look no further, Trainer Scott is your man.  With the most and best reviews in Denver, CO, he offers an encouraging environment for all fitness levels.

Trainer Scott Personal Training workout programs include the following benefits;

Maintaining healthy bodyweight

Losing weight

Burning body-fat

Adding and toning muscles

Gaining self confidence

Improved stamina and sex life

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Read what people are saying about Trainer Scott

“I just finished my first month of boot camp with and I can truly say that Scott will push you with a wide variety of workouts and exercises that will challenge you in a different way each day. Great trainer and a better guy!” – Clint

“A few years ago I saw Trainer Scott’s Denver Bootcamp on tv. I was impressed. Trainer Scott was friendly and knowledgeable and the class looked like they were working out hard, but having fun.  When I moved closer to Denver, I was looking for a bootcamp class in addition to my regular weight training. I remembered Trainer Scott from tv and tried one session of Scott’s Bootcamp @1100 Bannock Street, Denver, CO 80204. I now enjoy being a weekly regular because every session is different, challenging, and tailored to my physical abilities. This is 45 minutes of nonstop pushing, pulling, planking, lifting, dragging, swinging, sweating, swearing, cardio, and lots of jokes and encouragement. There are no egos or intimidation. Everyone in class is there to get their workout on and come back for more.  So, if you want to get into real shape with the guidance of an experienced professional along with a fun encouraging group of people, try Trainer Scott Denver Bootcamp!” – Ann

“Scott offers the best way to get into shape. He creates an environment where people can go at their personal pace but encourages people to get a challenge out of it. If you’re looking for someone to help give you a great foundation of exercise then Scott’s boot camp is the place to go.” – Marissa

“Get off the couch and go see Scott!!! I attend his Group Training sessions, and they totally rock! Personally, I know if I go to the gym on my own I’m not going to put in the full effort. There is no half effort at Scott’s gym! It’s really incredible. Even with the class growing, Scott somehow manages to find time for every single one of his clients, giving them personal workouts, and personal advice. Unbelievably impressive. And the workouts are fun! Too bad I can’t give 10 stars, I would if I could!!!” – Matt

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