2016 New Year Personal Training Deals

New Year's 2016 New Year Personal Training Deals

2016 New Year Personal Training Deals

Who wants to get in great shape?  Everyone.  When do most people attempt to do it?  New Year’s Resolution time.  Well, here are some 2016 New Year Personal Training Deals to help you on that quest.  Good luck and see you soon.

$499 for 10 hour sessions

$399 for 10 45 minute sessions

$299 for 10 half hour sessions

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“I started with Trainer Scott two years ago when I realized that straight cardio wasn’t cutting it. After 2 weeks of lifting weights I started to see results. I usually make it about two times a week and I am still seeing results. So if you’re looking for a personal trainer in Denver, check out Trainer Scott.” – Courtney W.

“I was nervous when I started the class because I hadn’t had a regular workout routine in a while before joining, but my fears were put to ease when I started. While I found the workouts difficult, they were not overwhelming and I noticed a lot of improvement in a short amount of time which was very gratifying. The variety of workouts kept me motivated; before joining Scott’s boot camp I could never work out regularly for more than a month because I’d lose interest.

My sister invited me to joining this boot camp with her. I’m very glad I listened to her! We ended up enjoying it so much that our brother decided to join as well. The other people in the class are great too. I found the environment very supportive, which just pushed me that much more to better myself.

I found the boot camp schedule very convenient. Since it’s offered at different times 5 days a week, I could easily show up a few times a week without having it interfere with the rest of my schedule.

I’d highly recommend Scott’s boot camp to anyone. Scott is a great trainer and the workouts and other people in the class are great!” – Mara F.

“Scott’s Denver Bootcamp is fun, challenging, and different every time. All the people are friendly and encouraging and Scott is an experienced professional who knows what he is doing. I recommend Scott’s Denver Bootcamp, but take one class and try it out for yourself.” – Ann F.

Remember when Trainer Scott did this deal last year?  Here’s the link… http://trainerscott.net/blog/2015/01/11/new-year-denver-personal-training-special/

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