Group Personal Training Special Denver $20

Group Personal Training Special Denver $20

Group Personal Training Special Denver $20

What is Denver Group Personal Training?

Group personal training is a group of people sharing gym space and splitting the price of one on one personal training. They still get individual attention and personalized workouts. It is probably the best value in personal training right now.

Check out group personal training classes at Trainer Scott Personal Training Studio in Denver, CO.

Reviews on Trainer Scott from Facebook
It had been twelve years and three kids since I had seriously worked out. I had done some hiking, mild walking, but that had been the extent of exercise in my life. I saw a Groupon for Scott’s training and took a chance despite being terrified. Even on the phone scheduling my first private training session, Scott was encouraging.
It took awhile to find my Nike’s and even longer to walk from the parking lot into the gym. Would I be able to do anything? Would I look stupid?
Scott was instantly friendly . He acknowledged my trepidation with confidence building exercises and a dose of push to do what an hour before I didn’t think possible.
It’s been three months now. I signed up for small group training, allowing me to advance from once a week visits, which was my early comfort zone, to 3-4 times a week because my body responded immediately.
More than anything it’s Scott’s encouragement and expertise that keeps bringing me back. He knows exactly what I’m capable of doing, which is far more than I ever thought possible. But, Scott knows me better than me! His professionalism and belief in me is something I will forever be grateful for. #gettingmybodyback #workingoutafter40 #postbabyworkout

Scott finds a way to make sweating in public a fun idea! Seriously, he knows exactly how to help you reach your goals, and he doesn’t give up or let you give up either. This is a truly supportive environment with people at all levels. He matches his program to where you are when you start. Don’t expect to stay there long, though. Scott’s program is all about getting results! Great place!

This guy rocks. Cares deeply about your success and is focused on core improvements.
Nice by product, good to help a former veteran.

It is hard to write about someone who makes a workout so fun one day…but you hate in the morning when every muscle is sore. Scott is so awesome, I was recruited from my fiancé and I have already recruited a girlfriend of mine. Come motivated and ready to get crunk 🙂

For someone who doesn’t enjoy workouts very much (I get bored), I found myself coming back to Scott’s boot camps. I liked the small group atmosphere and 45 minutes was just enough time to work up a sweat and leave feeling like a lot was accomplished! And I love that his dog was always there greeting us!
I do not own the rights to the song. Ain’t talking bout love by Van Halen.

This dynamic due is the coolest to exclaim, “oh yeah!” since the late, great Randy Macho Man Savage. This Denver Partner Workout Pair is Adam and Stacy. They are performing the curl into a shoulder press exercise at Trainer Scott Personal Training in Denver Colorado.

Check out Trainer Scott’s introductory personal training special for only $25 going on right now.

Scott’s boot camp is great and very affordable. I’ve been going for four years. You will start feeling a difference after three classes. Every day the workout is different so you won’t get bored doing the same thing.

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