Group Fitness Class

group fitness class

Group Fitness Class

What is a Group Fitness Class?  A group of people working out together to achieve health and fitness goals together.  It holds you accountable and pushes your limits.  They group dynamic can be fun.  You can meet new people too.

Trainer Scott’s Group Personal Training is aimed at building a camaraderie of people who workout together and push each other.  It’s become like a family over the years.  These men and women have pushed each other to new levels of fitness.  Setting gym records and then break each other’s reps and times all the time.

Check out these reviews on Trainer Scott Personal Training

Get off the couch and go see Scott!!! I attend his Group Training sessions, and they totally rock! Personally, I know if I go to the gym on my own I’m not going to put in the full effort. There is no half effort at Scott’s gym! It’s really incredible. Even with the class growing, Scott somehow manages to find time for every single one of his clients, giving them personal workouts, and personal advice. Unbelievably impressive. And the workouts are fun! Too bad I can’t give 10 stars, I would if I could!!!
A really great workout in a fun and energetic environment. Everyone is really friendly and welcoming and the workout is never the same. It’s always challenging and always a blast. I highly recommend both the bootcamps and the group training!!!
The day I walked into my first Bootcamp class I couldn’t even do ten sit-ups in a row. Two and a half months later I am doing over 100 sit-ups with weights. Scott has more faith in my physical abilities than I do myself most times so when he tells me to do something I think is crazy, I’m always pleasantly surprised to find out that Hey! I really CAN do this! His classes have been a huge confidence booster to me. It’s refreshing to have someone who really believes in you. Not only that but I find myself laughing during every class. It’s a really great group of people who love to laugh but are serious about getting in shape.


The thought of pushing through a gut-wrenching workout on your own might not get you excited about hitting the weights—but killing it in an hour-long workout alongside 2030 other people? That’s a different story. Group fitness classes are known to be a great way to kick yourself into gear on those days when all you reallywant to do is plant yourself on the couch. Between vibrant instructors and motivational music, group classes help rev up lackluster energy levels, making them ideal for individuals who consistently find themselves skipping the gym for beers with coworkers.


Skipping a solo workout has few consequences. Ditching your friends, however, could lead to some unwanted social shunning. Simply put, meeting workout buddies for a sweat session makes you much more likely to head to the gym. Now, multiply that effect by, say, 20 (the number of fitness buddies counting on you to show up), and you’re that much less likely to slough off your workout.


Doing the same old routine over and over can feel dull and mundane after a while. But group fitness classes tend to emphasize variety, providing an always-fresh level of fun while still getting you in shape. And, with the growing number of class types, there’s bound to be one to fit whatever mood you happen to be in. Also, since instructors usually vary from session to session, even an “identical” class can seem unique depending on who’s teaching.

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