Best Exercises for Your Butt

Best Exercises for Your Butt

Best Exercises for Your Butt

If you want to get a killer looking bottom, check out Trainer Scott Personal Training’s list of Best Exercises for Your Butt.

Scott has been training me for a few months, and I really love it.
I can now button jeans that were impossible before. His 30 minute
hard core workouts are intense, non-stop strength and cardio. I
want to give up, be his motivation and great sense of humor keeps
me coming back. I know that I will reach my goal of losing 30 pounds by January. The fact that he is so open minded and
such a great guy makes it no surprise that he is sooooo booked!
Thanks Scott

I had a choice of getting old and feeling worse or try and reverse the aging process and feel younger. I have worked out over the years. I ran the Boulder Boulder 2 years in row , 3 to 4 years ago and beat up my body in the process. I tried the club’s (YMCA, Bally’s, working out with friends and running). Well they all got old. After separating my shoulder I laid off working out for three years. I tried to get back into the work out thing again and it was to hard to get to a strong workout by myself.
In looking for a massage and in the hopes of feeling better and I ran across Scott’s boot camp ad, bingo! I have not tried that yet. I went to college instead of the military and always wanted to get a book camp workout. Well I’m starting my 6th week,. I feel great. I feel 10 years younger. The whole body work out it provides has eliminated my back pains, my posture is better and helps me get through the day with pep in my step. No more naps and feeling strong. I do like the low impact that this workout provides. With Scott, you get in shape quick and that keeps you motivated. Scott did say that it would be 10 times the workout you’d get at home by yourself. He is right! Thanks Scott.

Glute bridges


Weighted sumo squat


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