Executive Fitness Training Program

Executive Fitness Training Program

Executive Fitness Training Program

Are you an executive or business professional with not much free time to visit the gym?  Trainer Scott is now offering Executive Personal Training in Denver.  At your office or his personal training studio.  Fitness training for busy executives is important because of the health benefits achieved from regular exercise.  Working out regularly boosts energy and has actually been proven to increase productivity in the workplace.  Because busy executives are often required to conduct business dinners that consist of rich, high calorie meals, and often called upon to travel at a moment’s notice, exercise is even more critical for those with a hectic, busy lifestyle in order to promote cardiovascular health, reduce the risks of diabetes and keep those executives operating at peak performance levels.

I never thought working out during my lunch break would give me energy to continue and finish my day. I’ve always wanted to work out but with my busy schedule I never found time. Our boss let us know we were starting a wellness program at work. Meeting Trainer Scott was exciting, a little nervous but I knew I was ready to workout. I let Scott know how busy my schedule is and that if he can show me to get a good workout during my lunch hour, he said yes, we can do a good 20 minute work out and you still have time to eat your lunch. I thought to myself, 20 minutes? No way! We started slow but Scott has a good eye when comes down to everyone’s individual strength and stamina. I never thought I could push myself or even feel energized after working out. I actually felt calm, centered and more focused after my work out.

Working with Trainer Scott has been an awesome experience. He is extremely outgoing and knowledgeable about what types of exercise are going to have the biggest benefit to your health. He is very encouraging and pushes you to your capacity without taking it past your physical abilities. When I initially started going to the gym 5 pound dumbbells were heavy. After going for one hour once a week for a few months I am now able to lift a considerably larger amount of weight and am seeing some really great changes in the way my body looks and how I feel overall. Just from working out with Scott I have noticed that my activity level has increased tenfold and I have started eating healthier. Adding Trainer Scott to my weekly routine has made me realize how important my health is and has pushed me into bettering myself.



Executive Personal Training in Denver

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