Spring Personal Trainer Denver Special

Spring Personal Trainer Denver Special

Spring Personal Trainer Denver Special

Do you want to get in great shape?  No get out of breath walking up stairs?  Lose fat?  Gain muscle?  Look toned and ripped?  Fit in those old jeans?   Trainer Scott offers one on one personal training, small group fitness, and boot camp fitness classes.  Scott’s Denver Boot Camp is a full body workout that includes bodybuilding, weight training, cardio, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), functional training, boxing, and more. It is safer than Crossfit, tougher than orange theory, may more entertaining than Jazzercise, and will make you more friends than doing P90X at home alone.  If you’re looking for a personal trainer in Denver that’s cool, knowledgable, funny, and an international man of mystery, then Trainer Scott is your man. He mixes it up with personal training, full body boot camp style workouts, crossfit exercises, and more. He works with anyone, teens, kids, the elderly, obese people, you name. It specializes in sports specific training too. He’s a fitness coach that gives tennis lessons too.

What I like best about Scott’s workouts is that within about a month I am strong enough to do any activity with anyone! That is a great place to be. I really look forward to the time knowing the hour does make a huge difference. I do a lot of other activity, but his classes have raised my ability beyond what I could do 10 years ago.

The hardest part of getting in shape and losing weight is staying motivated. And clocking in those lonely, boring hours at the gym just doesn’t work after while. It certainly isn’t fun or motivating. Scott’s boot camp is like having a personal trainer, but it’s less expensive than a gym membership. He will motivate you and make sure you are doing the exercises right. You will work out harder than you ever would on your own, and it’s actually fun! I’ve enjoyed meeting new people and working out with them each day. It really is the best choice when choosing a fitness regimen, I actually feel and see results in the few months I have been working out at boot camp. Scott’s boot camp is designed for people at any level of physical fitness. I would recommend Scott and his boot camp to anyone that is interested in getting in shape, losing weight, staying in shape, or just wanting to have fun! So get off your butt and go to boot camp!

Wonderful Group Personal Training! Working out with Scott is great because he really pushes you to challenge yourself and you will see results from all of your hard work- no matter what your level/ability when you first come in. The gym is conveniently located and the ambiance is comfortable and fun- Scott is very friendly as are the rest of the members of the gym. You’ll be amazed at the quick progress your body will make! A great investment for sure; Scott knows what he is doing and you won’t be disappointed!

Spring Special $299

Trainer Scott Personal Training

Denver Colorado

303 601-5851


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