Fall Special – Month of Fitness Classes Special $50

Fall Special - Month of Fitness Classes Special $50

Fall Special – Month of Fitness Classes Special $50

Scott’s Denver Boot Camp Fitness Classes have the most and best reviews in Denver.

About the Classes: 45 minute full body workouts including weight training, cardio, and core exercises.  The workouts are designed to burn from 400-800 calories, slash body fat, tone and build muscle, and believe it or not, be fun.


Monday 5PM & 7PM

Tuesday 7PM

Wednesday 5PM & 7PM

Thursday 7PM

Saturday 10AM

About Trainer Scott:  Scott Harwood is a personal trainer with over 15 years experience.  A former Olympic Development soccer player and he is currently ranked 17th in the state at NTRP 4.5 tennis.  He spent four years in the Marine Corps and six years in the Army.  He has a BA in Communications from the University of West Florida.

$50 Unlimited Month

I have done personal training, group fitness, and taken a few boot camp classes with Scott. The best quality of Scott’s training is the relaxed and positive atmosphere created by Scott that encourages you to stay in shape and do your best regardless of initial ability levels.

If you are looking for an impersonal experience where you check-in, have different instructors, and people barely know your name, this is NOT the place for you. Scott does a really good job of getting to know all of his clients, sends personalized texts messages (so you know you’ve been missed if you skip a class), and is an all-around positive person to be around.

If you’re looking for a trainer that will kick your ass, make you love working out, and give you the absolute best value for your money, Trainer Scott Harwood is your guy.

I started working with Scott in October of 2013. I’ve never been an athletic type, so I was very nervous about working with a trainer for the first time. Scott, however, made me feel at ease and comfortable from my first workout. He has an easy rapport with his clients, can quickly assess a person’s fitness level and give them personalized workouts that are totally doable but also challenging.

Three short months after beginning training with Scott, I was down 25 pounds and already in the best shape of my life. He LITERALLY never gave me the same workout routine twice in all the time I trained with him.

If not for the fact that I moved out of the state, I would definitely still be training with Scott. He develops a sense of community at his gym that makes you look forward to training, and the results you’ll get from his Boot Camp and Personal or Group Training will definitely keep you coming back.

If you’re looking for a personal trainer in Denver that’s cool, knowledgable, funny, and an international man of mystery, then Trainer Scott is your man. He mixes it up with personal training, full body boot camp style workouts, crossfit exercises, and more. He works with anyone, teens, kids, the elderly, obese people, you name. It specializes in sports specific training too. He’s a fitness coach that gives tennis lessons too.


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