Denver Personal Training Fitness Classes

Denver Personal Training Fitness Classes

Denver Personal Training Fitness Classes

Personal Trainer, Scott Harwood, offers two kinds of fitness classes at his gym in Denver; group personal training and fitness boot camp classes.  What’s the difference you ask?

Group personal training is a group of 2–7 people that all do individual workouts together. It’s essential a personal training where you just share the cost.  See example video below.

Boot camp is larger class, usually anywhere from 5-25 people, that all partake in the same exercises at the same time.  See example video below.

Trainer Scott Personal Training
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Each work out is different and geared to get you into shape fast. I’m 1 year in and have completely changed my body. Scott gives you a personal experience and truly invests in your fitness goals, plus its fun and he will make you laugh and enjoy your workouts. He really makes his clients a priority, he even comes to my office some days when I’m busy or distracted.
Thanks Scott!

Get off the couch and go see Scott!!! I attend his Group Training sessions, and they totally rock! Personally, I know if I go to the gym on my own I’m not going to put in the full effort. There is no half effort at Scott’s gym! It’s really incredible. Even with the class growing, Scott somehow manages to find time for every single one of his clients, giving them personal workouts, and personal advice. Unbelievably impressive. And the workouts are fun! Too bad I can’t give 10 stars, I would if I could!!!

Scott offers the best way to get into shape. He creates an environment where people can go at their personal pace but encourages people to get a challenge out of it. If you’re looking for someone to help give you a great foundation of exercise then Scott’s boot camp is the place to go.

The day I walked into my first Bootcamp class I couldn’t even do ten sit-ups in a row. Two and a half months later I am doing over 100 sit-ups with weights. Scott has more faith in my physical abilities than I do myself most times so when he tells me to do something I think is crazy, I’m always pleasantly surprised to find out that Hey! I really CAN do this! His classes have been a huge confidence booster to me. It’s refreshing to have someone who really believes in you. Not only that but I find myself laughing during every class. It’s a really great group of people who love to laugh but are serious about getting in shape.
 A really great workout in a fun and energetic environment. Everyone is really friendly and welcoming and the workout is never the same. It’s always challenging and always a blast. I highly recommend both the bootcamps and the group training!!!
Scott is awesome. His bootcamps are extremely intense and push me without being beyond my level. In my first two weeks of bootcamp, I’ve lost 4cm around my waist without changing my diet at all. You will see results here! Plus, everyone is friendly and Scott is funny – a big plus 🙂


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