Personal Training Denver Fall Deals

Personal Training Denver Fall Deals

Trainer Scott helps people of all walks of life achieve their fitness goals.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve never stepped foot in a gym before.  With the most and best reviews in Denver, come see why he’s the best personal trainer in Denver.

Check out these reviews;

a week ago
I started training with Scott in December 2015. I immediately felt welcome and comfortable at his Boot Camp classes. His workouts are a great mix of cardio and weight training. Each class is unique which keeps it interesting and wards of the dreaded plateau that occurs when your body gets used to the workouts you are doing. Scott was also able to suggest modifications to certain exercises due to my knee injury.

Arianne Cynthia Thomas

2 weeks ago
Scott’s personal training classes are both intense and fun! Scott is a friendly trainer, whose jokes make the class even more enjoyable. I have been going for about a month, and initially I was very nervous, but I can already feel myself getting stronger, and I’m always pumped for class to start! Every day is different, and I always feel pushed- but not to a point of discomfort. I love that we spend part of the class outside, it’s never boring. I would definitely recommend the class for people of all fitness levels.

Lynda Gorman

in the last week
I recently started working out with Scott Harwood after allowing myself to get out of shape the last few years due to numerous injuries. It was my intention to work with Scott for a few months to jump start my workouts and get me motivated so I could take over from there. I started seeing immediate results. After working with Scott twice per week for only 10 weeks, I was able to reduce my blood pressure from 150/100 to 108/72 and no longer need to be medicated for high blood pressure. My doctor was impressed with the quick results and has encouraged me to continue “doing what I am doing”. In addition, my neck and back pain have been significantly reduced. I no longer need prescription pain patches to deal with what was once daily chronic pain. Scott is very knowledgeable and has helped me strengthen my injury prone areas so they are much stronger today and significantly less problematic. Scott challenges me while still making my workouts enjoyable. He is friendly, funny and takes the time to introduce me to his other students. This has made transitioning from individual training sessions to attending group classes much easier and less intimidating for me. I am really pleased with the results I am seeing and intend to continue working with Scott indefinitely. If you want a great workout out in a fun environment, Scott is your man! He is the best fitness coach/personal trainer I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I am looking forward to many more workouts with Scott. Come join us!

Fall Personal Training Deals

5 hour sessions $249

5 forty five minute sessions $199

5 half hour sessions $149

Scott’s Denver Fitness Boot Camp – 3 Months of Boot Camp Classes $99


Monday 5PM & 7PM

Tuesday 7PM

Wednesday 5PM & 7PM

Thursday 7PM

Saturday 10AM

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