In Home Personal Trainer Capitol Hill Denver

In home Personal Trainer Capitol Hill Denver

In Home Personal Trainer Capitol Hill Denver

If you live in the Cap hill area of Denver and are looking to get in shape, check out Trainer Scott Personal Training for one on one training, group fitness training, and fitness boot camp classes.



$600 for 10 sessions

$1100 for 20 sessions

Capitol Hill Denver Fitness Classes

A full body workout at Trainer Scott personal training in Denver Colorado. A squat with a front raise into a tricep extension working quads, hamstrings, glutes, shoulders, and triceps

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The coveted one legged squat! What a display of power, strength, and balance. Amazing quad and glute strength.

Scott’s Denver Boot Camp is a full body workout that includes bodybuilding, weight training, cardio, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), functional training, boxing, and more. It is safer than Crossfit, tougher than orange theory, may more entertaining than Jazzercise, and will make you more friends than doing P90X at home alone.

Trainer Scott Denver personal training…

Current Specials;

$25 first personal training session

$150 for a month of group personal training

$50 first month of boot camp

Personal Trainer Cap Hill Denver

Looking for a personal trainer near you?  Do you live in the Capitol Hill area of Downtown Denver?  Well, look no further, Trainer Scott is your man.  With the most and best reviews in Denver, CO, he offers an encouraging environment for all fitness levels.

Trainer Scott Personal Training workout programs include the following benefits;

Maintaining healthy bodyweight

Losing weight

Burning body-fat

Adding and toning muscles

Gaining self confidence

Improved stamina and sex life

Trainer Scott has a lot of great New Year Personal Training deals going on right now as well.  Click here to see more

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