Denver Fitness Special

Denver Fitness Special

Denver Fitness Special

5 Personal Training Sessions for $249

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Scott has been training me for a few months, and I really love it.
I can now button jeans that were impossible before. His 30 minute
hard core workouts are intense, non-stop strength and cardio. I
want to give up, be his motivation and great sense of humor keeps
me coming back. I know that I will reach my goal of losing 30 pounds by January. The fact that he is so open minded and
such a great guy makes it no surprise that he is sooooo booked!
Thanks Scott

i have been training with scott on and off for two years and havent been in better shape (even better than high school!!). i always get my desired results from him and refuse to train with anyone else. he is very easy to get along with and knows his stuff! he has taught me MANY things from fitness to diet to personal life achievement and accomplishment. i hope to train with him for a long time to come and would recommend him to ANYONE from stay at home moms to athletes. he really knows what he is doing and i continue to be impressed. he is very consistant and i look forward to working out with him! he makes it fun and has a great personality! – look no further for a personal trainer….youve found him!

Scott is very knowledgeable and keeps the workout diverse and fun! The environment is very welcoming everyone should feel comfortable to come regardless of fitness level.

I started training with Scott. He mixes it up every class so you work something new each time, and he incorporates a lot of cardio with weight training, which is awesome. I have been working out with him for over 6 months now, and he still kicks my butt every class.

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