Want to Get Fit Like a MMA Fighter?

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Want to Get Fit Like a MMA Fighter?

Lots of great fitness tips in this article.  Notice they are a lot of the basics.  Getting in shape isn’t the hardest thing in the world.  You just need to find a way to get motivated and then keep on it.  Discipline is probably the most important thing.  If you don’t stick to the plan, how do you expect to achieve any goals at any challenge in life?  To stay motivated, check out some local fitness classes or get a personal trainer.

Here are some great excerpts from the article;

“You gotta be ready to suffer,” Edgar said, before explaining how great conditioning comes from putting maximum effort into any kind of workout.

Exercise is like a religion to Frankie Edgar, but he could not name strength, speed or conditioning as the most important element of training for the average person.

The real answer is diet. He said,

You can still be a fit person without working out if you put the right stuff in your body.

He said he prefers to “keep it simple” in terms of what he eats while training for a fight. He told Elite Daily,

I try to do a good vegetable, lean protein, some grains and a good fat.

Edgar gave these three tips for crafting the perfect diet.

1. Drink plenty of water.

He said,

It helps you lose weight and get lean.

2. Eat more frequently. Leaving big gaps in between meals leaves you starving and more prone to overeating. Edgar eats healthy-sized meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner by incorporating nutritious snacks like nuts and yogurt throughout the day.

3. Learn to obey your body. Edgar said you know you ate bad when you immediately feel it at the start of a workout. He recommended trying to remember what certain foods will do to you the following day.

Edgar concluded his conversation with Elite Daily by offering what he believes to be the best advice for anybody looking to get fit. He said,

Dive in… Everyone’s always like, ‘Oh, I’ll start next Monday,’ or, ‘I’ll start after vacation’… You have to dive in. I know people who didn’t do fitness [and now] they love it. It becomes a lifestyle.

How To Get Fit Like An MMA Fighter, According To UFC Star Frankie Edgar

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