Fitness Deals Denver

Fitness Deals Denver

Fitness Deals Denver

Professional Background

Credentials: INTENSE WORKOUTS. FAST RESULTS. GOOD TIMES. All fitness levels welcome.
Honors & Awards: One on one personal training, muscle toning group fitness training (3-6 people), and fat slashing fitness boot camp classes (10-15 people).

About Trainer Scott Personal Training

Denver personal trainer, Scott Harwood, has a personal training studio in Denver, CO.  He offers one-on-one personal training, group fitness classes, and fitness boot camps. With over 17 years of experience in fitness and nutrition, four years running his physical training program in the Marine Corps, and a year in Iraq with the Army, Scott understands the dedication and proper regimen to get in shape and stay in shape. If you want to get in amazing shape, be stronger, improve running, have better flexibility, have more stamina and energy, run a half or full marathon, run a triathlon, look better in a bikini, be proud of your body, have more confidence, live longer, and just all around feel better, then come see one of Denver’s best personal trainers, Scott Harwood. Scott has experience with soccer, baseball, football, wrestling, MMA (mixed martial arts), golf, and tennis. Scott has worked with teenagers, high school athletes, overweight and obese people, the elderly, desk jockeys, the gay community, and high level sports’ competitors. Scott is jumpstart certified in Muscle Activation Technique (MAT). Call for a FREE Consultation.

What’s the difference in small group training and the boot camp classes?

The group training is personal training, you are just sharing the gym with a few other people.  You are put through individual workouts curtailed to your own fitness level and goals.  Average class size is anywhere from 2-7 people.  The boot camp classes are bigger classes where everyone is doing the same thing.  Average class size is anywhere from 8-25 people.

Bio on Trainer Scott

ODP (Olympic Development Program) in Soccer

Currently ranked #1 in Colorado at 4.0 Singles Tennis

17 years in fitness and nutrition

4 years Marine Corps, 6 years Army

Jumpstart certified in Muscle Activation Technique (MAT)

Boxing Training

Who is this program for and can I do it?


High school athletes

Overweight and obese

The elderly

Desk jockeys

The gay community

High level sports’ competitors

And yes, people who have never worked out

Why workout with Scott?

Get in amazing shape

Lift weights and get stronger

Improve running

Have better flexibility

Have more stamina and energy

Run a half or full marathon

Run a triathlon

Look better in a bikini

Be proud of your body

Have more confidence

Live longer

Better sex life

Lower cholesterol

Get bigger arms

Tone your legs

Just all around feel better

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