Summer Workouts Denver

summer workouts denver

 Summer Workouts Denver

So it’s summer time and you want to look great in that bikini, get that pool hard body going, and feel good about yourself.  Well, now it’s time to get in some good workouts and get in shape.

Great Places for Workouts

There’s red rocks in Morrison CO (, tons of fitness classes and group personal training sessions, and gyms everywhere.  So you should have no problem finding a place to get in shape.  There’s also rock climbing, paths for running, hiking, swimming, and fitness boot camps in the park.

Check out some of these reviews for personal training

“When I first entered Scott’s gym I was a little apprehensive about what I was going to find and what exactly the exercise I going to be performing. I met Scott and he gave me the pep talk, “There are two rules, safety first, and never get discouraged.” With those words I began my first class, and here is the truth Scott never lets you take the easy way out he is constantly pushing you to be better. While doing the 45 – 60 minutes of cardio/strength training I am usually only hearing breathing and some curses being muttered. That being said after the class is done I feel tired but great and that makes it all worth it. Scott himself is a very knowledgable trainer who constantly changes up his workouts so things don’t get stale and your body continually is being tested. I would recommend this class to anyone even veterans of the boot camp class.” Danny

“Great trainer and gym. The workouts will kick your butt and are never the same, which makes it more exciting. Best Gym in Denver. Period.” Tyler

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