Traveling Workout Tips

Traveling Workout Tips

Traveling Workout Tips

Let’s get to the reality of the situation, the heart of the matter, working out, wether in your home town or while on the road, starts with discipline.  It’s easy to come home from work and just plop on the couch and not get up for the rest of the night.  The same can be said for jumping onto a hotel room bed.  In this article, I will go over my favorite traveling workout tips and the words I’ve tried to live by for the past 20 or so years.

Hotel Workouts

Let’s start with basics, you don’t even need a gym, although some hotels will have one.  You can do tons of exercises right in your room.  Let’s start by making it easy.  Try to workout for at least 15 minutes, yes just 15 minutes.  It’s way better than nothing.  In fact, a max set of pushups, I’m talking about giving 100% effort, usually gets people more sore than a bunch of sets at the gym with weights.

These workouts can be done anywhere!  It doesn’t matter if you are camping or in the back of a van like my buddy, Brandon from My Body Sings Electric, try to find a way to motivate yourself and start doing some of these exercises.

Here’s a List of 101 Body Weight Exercises, So NO Excuses!


Upper Body Exercises

  1. Plank up-down
  2. Standard push-up 
  3. Walking push-up
  4. T push-up
  5. Spiderman push-up
  6. Staggered push-up
  7. Wide grip push-up
  8. Negative push-up
  9. One foot elevated push-up
  10. Hindu push-up
  11. Incline push-up
  12. Feet elevated push-up
  13. Tricep push-up
  14. Tricep bench dip
  15. Elevated tricep bench dip
  16. Lying triceps lift 
  17. Handstand hold
  18. Inch worm
  19. Shoulder circles
  20. Lateral raise 
  21. Pike shoulder press
  22. Pull-up
  23. Jumping pull-ups
  24. Straight arm shoulder raise
  25. Air boxing
  26. Shoulder stabilization series

Lower Body Exercises

  1. Walking lunge 
  2. Forward lunge
  3. Side lunge
  4. Reverse lunge
  5. Single leg front to back lunge
  6. Single leg lunge on stair or bench
  7. Curtsy lunge
  8. Lunge pulses
  9. Wide sumo squat
  10. Air squat
  11. Squat with side leg raise
  12. Squat pulses
  13. Single leg squat
  14. Wall sit
  15. Straight leg lift
  16. Donkey kickbacks
  17. Inner thigh lift
  18. Outer thigh lift
  19. Leg up lift 
  20. Single leg deadlift 
  21. Hamstring curl 
  22. Standing hamstring curl
  23. Bridge hold
  24. Single leg bridge
  25. Calf raise

Core Exercises

  1. Plank hold
  2. Side plank hold
  3. Spiderman plank
  4. Reverse plank
  5. Side oblique crunch 
  6. Side oblique leg raise
  7. Oblique core crunch
  8. V-up 
  9. Single leg crunches
  10. Superman
  11. Bird dog 
  12. Cat dog
  13. Row the boat crunch
  14. Lying leg raise
  15. Straight leg toe touches
  16. Bicycle abs
  17. Scissor kicks
  18. Butterfly sit-up
  19. Russian twist
  20. Lying windmills
  21. Low belly double leg reach 
  22. Swan dive
  23. Standing crunches
  24. Lying leg circles
  25. Supine twist 

Plyometric/High Intensity Interval Exercises

  1. Burpee
  2. Jumping jack
  3. Jumping lunge
  4. Squat jump
  5. Butt kick
  6. High knees
  7. Up Down
  8. Frog jump
  9. Box or stair jump
  10. Mountain climber 
  11. Star jump
  12. Bear crawl
  13. Tuck jump
  14. Lateral jump
  15. High kick 
  16. Army crawl
  17. Side-to-side jump
  18. Forward backward jump 
  19. Skaters
  20. Quick feet
  21. Plank jack
  22. Plank side jump
  23. Plank cross crunches
  24. Power skip
  25. Alternate leg bounding

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So if you are in town and don’t need Traveling Workout Tips, Come check out Trainer Scott in Denver, Colorado.

Good luck!

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