Personal Trainers in Denver

personal trainers in denver

If You are Looking for Personal Trainers in Denver, Here are Some Tips to Help You

Consider the following for your potential personal trainers in Denver…

  • Education/experience
  • Pricing
  • Location
  • Personality, can they keep you interested and focused on training?

Check out these Reviews for Trainer Scott!

5 months ago
Trainer Scott offers classes that support all levels of fitness, multiple times during the week as well as motivating members to continue to work harder and stay with the program each week. The classes have a community feel where you get to know each other which lead to more support and motivation to stay healthy. Scott offers ideas for healthy eating in addition to working out. Great experience whether you are a beginner who’s never set foot in a gym or if you live for the intense work outs.
Adam Kasper

9 months ago
Great training for any fitness level! My wife and I started to attend class over a year ago to get jack ripped for our wedding and have been going ever since. Scott makes each class different so your workouts are never the same as the prior day, and class is fun to boot. Scott has a great sense of humor, we’ve made friends, and we’ve seen results. It is crazy affordable compared to most other rip off gyms that sucker you in with a deal then jack up the price. I would definitely recommend this gym to anyone looking to have fun while getting a great workout.-Adam
Kelly Zappia

5 months ago
Scott is awesome! His bootcamps are high impact and time efficient. I love that classes are really reasonably priced. No matter where you’re at on the spectrum between ironman and couch potato, you can do it. Even though its a group class (not pretentious, people in class are great), there’s still a lot of personal attention. One of the best parts is that Scott has great insight and recommendations for dealing with and working through injuries. I’m a runner and he helped me get my it band back in working order. Now I’m back to pain-free long runs on the trail and couldn’t be more thrilled. Definitely check it out!
Jennifer Nordhues

5 months ago
Scott is awesome. His bootcamps are extremely intense and push me without being beyond my level. In my first two weeks of bootcamp, I’ve lost 4cm around my waist without changing my diet at all. You will see results here! Plus, everyone is friendly and Scott is funny – a big plus 🙂
Cheryl Baker

8 months ago
Scott is the best! I was a little intimidated by the idea of “boot camp”, but I really wanted to whip myself into shape. I began doing classes about twice per week 5 weeks ago, and I can already see and feel the results! Scott keeps things interesting by changing up exercises, telling stories, and always having the music pumping. The other people in the classes are great too, and you really build a feeling of camaraderie. Boot camp is perfect for all fitness levels, and it is also super duper affordable — especially compared to other gyms and programs in the area. After one month of classes, it was not hard for me to commit to the full year! I can’t wait to see how I feel after that!
Becky Jackson

8 months ago
I needed motivation to stick with a workout routine and Scott and all the participants make this class so rewarding and addictive. It doesn’t matter where you are at physically, this class will work for you if you put effort into it.I’m over 40 and out of shape, and I can honestly say that I look forward to each class. Everyone is friendly and supportive. Any stress from my week is annihilated and I leave class feeling like a million bucks. What are you waiting for? Come do a class with us!
Dakin Cranwell

8 months ago
Aside from generally being a phenomenal person, Scott is also a caring and seasoned trainer. He knows how to push and train you effectively. He highlights safety and advocates full body workouts that produce an overall strength, agility and cardio benefit that truly makes one feel great. This affordable gym is really a huge part of how I get through my hectic life and keep my energy and confidence way up. The environment is jovial and accepting of all walks of life.
This place is special.
Try it out!
Elisabeth Gustafson

5 months ago
Great workout training’s! My husband and I have been coming for a year and 3 months now, and we are still being challenged with Scott’s classes. We have tried other gyms, but nothing compares to the personal training and boot camps offered with Scott. Anyone thinking of getting back into a work out routine should definitely sign up!
Patrick McAleer

11 months ago
I started Scott’s Denver Boot Camp back in December 2012 and it has been nothing but progress ever since. I was a little nervous when I first made the commitment to change the way I was taking care of my body and mind, but Scott was a helping hand since the word “GO.” I remember my first Boot Camp, where all the blood rushed to my face and I started seeing stars, and I decided leaning against the wall was going to be the best decision I made all day. Later on, Scott texted me and asked how I was doing. I knew from that point on that I wanted to work out with someone who cared, but was still going to push me. The classes were a lot of fun with the people and the change in routine every time. Scott is great at mixing together cardio, strength training, endurance, you name it. I have since moved on from Boot Camp into his Small Group classes. I needed to take myself to the next level, not only by pushing myself, but having someone there to help along the way. I would recommend Scott’s Denver Boot Camp to anyone who is looking to make a difference in their lives. Scott will push you, but you have to be willing to push yourself more.
Stacy Blanchard

5 months ago
Amazing value for your money! Scott knows what he’s doing and if you’re willing to put the work in, you WILL see results.
Doug Wilson

5 months ago
Awesome class with a great trainer. Fun group of people. Highly recommend.
Beth Svinarich

a year ago
Scott manages a nice balance between being serious about the workout and keeping the mood light. As he points out, you get out what you put in. There is a range of committment and fitness levels of people in the classes that make them both comfortable and encouraging. The flexible schedule is a nice aspect, you don’t feel tied to a certain day of the week, so you can plan working out around life instead of life around working out. I’ve been going for almost 6 months, and plan to continue of the forseeable future.
Elizabeth Lake

2 years ago
I have been going to boot camp for a few months and I love it. I was really bored of working out in a gym and wanted to change up my routine. Scott’s boot camp is fun and it really makes you sweat. Scott switches is up every time so no class is the same so it never gets boring. It’s a great value for the money. I would definitely recommend joining if your looking for an affordable, intense workout.
Tommy Metz

2 years ago
I wasn’t all that excited to start working out again but I knew I needed it. I sit at a computer all day and that really wares on me physically. I met Scott and he convinced me to give it a try. I was kind of self conscious and didn’t really want to workout with other people around but I signed up for his group training anyways. I instantly felt comfortable with the people around. Everyone was super friendly and welcoming. But the best part is Scott does a great job and making you have a good time. He’s funny and encouraging and an all around fun person to be around. This makes working out something I look forward too each week. And I’ve seen a lot of results and have gotten a lot of compliments which feels great and keeps me going back!
Berkeley Davis

5 months ago
Fun and super intense workout.
Felicia Zeeh

2 years ago
My fiance and I bought the Living Social deal to try out Scott’s Denver Boot Camp and now we’re hooked! We are always sore after every class and leave dripping in sweat. The workouts are always different and challenging. The atmosphere is very personable and the music makes the workouts motivating and fun. Scott truly knows about different exercises that work the entire body and improve performance.
Abigail Gjerde

5 months ago
So awesome! Scott is the man with the plan….for success!
Katie Erinn Bernstein

2 years ago
I bought this deal on living social, about three block from my apartment seemed like a great place to start getting back in shape. So far I have only made it to a handful of classes, but leave feeling very satisfied, and sore for days. Each time the routines have been different but always challenging. I have typically been someone who always focused on cardio but never really into lifitng or weights. Through this class I have been pushed and very surprised with my own strength. The class atmoshpere is a ton of fun, and Scott is a great motivator with an infectiouse, fun-loving additude. It makes working out enjoyable!
Sara Strickland

2 years ago
I have been going to Scott’s Bootcamp for about a month and couldn’t be happier! Scott is the right mix of friendly and motivating. There is never any waiting around time like at some bootcamps. Scott makes sure everyone is moving! Scott’s Bootcamp rocks my world!
Crystal Whitehead

3 years ago
Exactly what I was looking for!! After the birth of my son I was looking for a way to get down to my pre-baby figure and had heard only great things about Scott’s boot camps. I have so far been to 4 classes and am truly impressed. Every class has been different yet equally challenging. Not to mention his jokes that make the classes fly by. I highly recommend.
Jazmin Chavez

6 years ago
I have been working out at the Bootcamps with Scott on and off for about a year! If you need motivation, this is it, he texts you, emails you before your workout session so that you come! He’s a great guy, great sense of humor, NOT intimidating at all, and he really listens to your goals and helps you reach them! I lost 10lbs my first month training with him and more than anything I got in shape and toned up! Now I am getting married in June (09) and I know he will get me in GREAT shape for my big day! Without a doubt, the best trainer in Denver!!!!
Elin Franzen Curry

2 years ago
I have been going to boot camp for about a month and it is doing great things for my body! My boyfriend keeps telling me how I should keep it up :). Scott really pushes me to work hard and I leave each session dripping sweat and feeling like I got a great workout. Always harder and better than something that I would do on my own at home, and at a great price! I recommend him to all of my friends.
Kiffin Smith

2 years ago
This is my first class oriented physical education class. I’ve enjoyed the classes because I like the fact that I’m under the gun in getting healthier and that someone is paying attention to how I would exercise. Being ADHD it’s important to have structure and Scott’s classes definitely provide structure getting in shape.
Christopher McGinness

4 years ago
I started boot camp with Scott four weeks ago. I literally got off my couch and started. Don’t worry about your fitness level – Scott will make it easy and safe for you to get going. I’m stronger, faster, and healthier in a really short period of time.
Caitlin Rumery

5 years ago
I’ve been going for two months now and my cardio endurance is way up and I have tons of energy. You get your butt whooped into shape, you get to hear ridiculous stories that are never true, and you get questionable life lessons. Always a good time and always something different.
Juliana Gauss

2 years ago
I’m not gonna lie…IS HARD but totally worth it…
I lost 20 pounds in 2 months so far, going 3 times a week…I want to lose another 30 pounds but I’m motiveded.
Scott is the best!
Jamie Mahoney

2 years ago
Scott’s Denver Boot Camp is awesome. You get a total body workout in only an hour and you start noticing a difference in your body and your physical performance quickly. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to get out of their fitness rut or anyone looking for something fun.
JJ Walker

6 years ago
Really liked the interactive experience at Scott’s Gym! Had a lot of fun and its a great workout!JJ
Keith Wood

5 years ago
What I like best about Scott’s workouts is that within about a month I am strong enough to do any activity with anyone! That is a great place to be. I really look forward to the time knowing the hour does make a huge difference. I do a lot of other activity, but his classes have raised my ability beyond what I could do 10 years ago.
Carmen Smith

2 years ago
Denver Boot Camp is challenging but ultimately fun. I am definitely pleased with the results and I look forward to class every week!
Brandy Jamison Neth

4 years ago
I found Scott after a very bad experience with another local trainer and I’m so glad I did! In my first two months working out with Scott, I made more progress than I did with my past trainer in 6 months. Scott makes every workout challenging but so fun with his good-natured personality. Thanks Scott!
Kathleen Barlow

5 years ago
Scott’s Bootcamps are fantastic. You see results quickly!
Jessica Nicks

2 years ago
Just such a great class! It’s challenging, and I saw results within a couple of weeks. Would recommend to anyone!


 Who can benefit from personal training?

EVERYONE.  Men and Women of ALL ages.  Do not let being out of shape or your age slow you down or make you hesitate when it comes to getting in amazing shape!



You can and will significantly increase your results in the shortest amount of time when hiring a personal trainer.

Don’t be realistic about what you want, get REAL about what you want. That is what inspires us! You really can have the body you have always wanted.

If you want to lose weight, tone and sculpt, increase lean muscle, chisel and define, lose excess fat, extreme fat loss or get the body you have always wanted then you have found the best Personal Trainer in Denver to do it!


In conclusion, there’s quite a few great personal trainers in Denver, I know a lot of them and have trained along side them in Denver gyms.  Just do your research, go in an meet them, most offer a free consolation.  You will know, you will get a vibe if you guys will click or not.  Good luck.


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